2018 is here, and this year at Dinner Done it's "out with the old and in with the new"... website!  We hope you'll love our new website as much as we do. Although it looks quite different, it will do everything that our old website did and much more.

Here are some new things you'll find:

  • Grab & Go. Grab & Go is now available online in our "Store" and, even better,  you'll not only find a constantly changing selection of dishes like always, but now you'll also be able to choose from ready-made dishes found on our monthly menu. 
  • Pictures! We've been working for several years now on photographing our dishes. You'll finally be able to see what the finished product looks like. I take the dishes directly from our ready made inventory and prepare them at home to photograph, so you are seeing "the real deal"! Keep an eye out for a future blog post where I'll talk about little tricks and cooking tips that make your meals look restaurant fabulous! 
  • SuperChef Points. Now that Grab & Go is available for online purchase, your $99+ purchases will count toward a $30 SuperChef Customer Reward as long as it is made with your Dinner Done account! You've asked for this for a long time... we're so glad to be able to finally do it!
  • Valentine's Day, Pie Days, etc. Those fun, popular special menus that gave us so much trouble on our old website will be super simple to book on the new one! That's right... no more "Put a 4 here" nonsense... long-time Dinner Doners know *exactly* what I'm talking about! We are *very* excited about this!
  • $5 Delivery Days. You won't have to wonder when your $5 Delivery Day is any more... simply sign in to your Dinner Done account, shop the "Store" and click on "Choose Pickup or Delivery Date here." Enter your address (if you're not already logged in) and you'll see upcoming options for $5 delivery as well as in-store pickup! 
  • $5 Delivery Days - Outside of the Zone.  If you don't live in a $5 Delivery Day area, but still want to take advantage of the great deal, call us and we'll add one of our $5 Delivery Day Meet Spots to your address book. Then, simply place an order for delivery to that address and we'll see you there! 

Until next time... 

~ Audra (posting from Dan's login ;))